Are Men Waxing?

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Women have been waxing for generations to get rid of unwanted body hair. But, waxing isn’t just for women. Men are increasingly feeling the pressure to get rid of unsightly hair. Not only are more men waxing then ever before, but they are learning what many women have known for years, not all wax is the same.

What Areas Should You Wax?

While this is more of a personal preference, there are some common trouble areas. The most common body part that men have waxed is the back. If you are new to waxing, starting with your back is a safe bet. The skin on the back is not as sensitive as skin on many other parts of the body, so waxing will hurt less. Also, most men notice once they wax their backs they itch less.

Other parts of men’s bodies that are good candidates for waxing include the chest, feet, and the Speedo line (similar to a woman’s bikini line). Waxing these areas regularly keeps the skin smooth, allows you to show off your build, and often leads to more affection from your partner in all these newly waxed areas.

How Does Waxing Work?

If your only idea of what waxing is like comes from the movie 40-Year-Old Virgin, you may be worried about the whole ordeal. Waxing doesn’t have to be painful or leave you looking like a sunburned crab.

Waxing is usually done in a salon by a licensed aesthetician. There are several at home remedies as well, but it is almost impossible to get salon quality wax. You are also unlikely to do a thorough job on yourself, especially if you are inexperienced.

There is nothing worse than a poorly done wax job.

When done properly, waxing makes you feel better and more confident. You don’t need to hide or explain away your hairy back or chest.

What Type of Wax is Best?

There are two major types of wax. There is soft wax, also commonly called strip wax, and hard wax. You never want to wax with anything except hard wax. Remember that clip with Steve Carell getting his chest waxed? That is strip wax.

The two waxes work completely differently. Hard wax sets up slowly and takes more training to properly apply. But, the hard wax doesn’t stick to your skin. Instead, the hard wax clings to the hair, enveloping the hair completely. When the wax is removed it pulls the hair out by the root, and doesn’t irritate the skin or leave swaths of red, angry skin behind.

Soft wax doesn’t need to set up. Once it is applied it bonds to everything, including your skin. The reason the skin is so red after using soft wax is then when it is pealed away, it takes a microscopic top layer of skin with it. It also sometimes does not get the hair out by the root. This means you have to go back in and get waxed again much sooner than you would if you had used hard wax.

Give waxing a try. Surprise your partner. Get waxed and remove that unsightly hair. You may just get a nice reward when you show off the new you.

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