Can You Wax While Pregnant?

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When you are pregnant your primary focus is keeping you and your baby healthy. But, when trying to figure out what is best, you are bombarded with tips, advice, strategies, and information. Not all of the information is helpful or even accurate. One common concern is wondering if it is safe to wax, especially the bikini area, when pregnant. The short answer is yes. It is perfectly safe to get a wax while pregnant. But, not all wax is the same. There are also a few things you need to know about waxing and pregnancy.

Why Waxing Is Okay

While pregnant your hormones are working overtime, one side effect is your skin is likely growing in faster, and even thicker, everywhere. This can cause the kind of itching that makes you want to scream.

There are no known harmful chemicals in wax. The wax does not permeate your skin. Getting a wax will not harm your baby in any way. Waxing during pregnancy may even be healthier than shaving.

When you are pregnant your often bleed easier. If you cut yourself while shaving, it won’t kill you. But it may hurt more and bleed more than when you are not carrying a child. Shaving also has to be done more frequently because your hair is growing faster. The further along you get in your pregnancy the more difficult it may be to shave. One of the biggest risks to you and your baby is you falling. Sometimes the acrobatics required to get everything shaved properly are too difficult to too dangerous while you are pregnant.

What You Need to Know

While waxing is safe, you do need to know that it may hurt more than usual. Another wonderful side effect of being pregnant is that your skin is more sensitive. This is especially true in your bikini area.

Hard wax is always a better choice for women with sensitive skin, who need to get rid of unsightly hair. This is even truer when you are pregnant. Unlike soft wax, or strip wax, that leaves your skin red and irritated in the best of times, hard wax doesn’t bond to your skin at all. It only removes the hair.

Hard wax is also much more effective at pulling hair out by the root. This keeps you from having to do it as often.

When you go to a salon make sure you choose somewhere that is relaxing and where the aestheticians are trained and licensed in using hard wax. The last thing you want is a bad waxing experience. There are many salons that even have special packages for expectant mothers.

When you are pregnant you have enough to worry about without having to deal with the itching sensation your unwanted hair is causing. Rest assured that it is perfectly safe to take care of you needs by getting a wax, even in your bikini area. But, do yourself a favor and only use hard wax. Why cause yourself extra pain and discomfort?

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