Shaving Versus Waxing. Are You Making the Best Choice For Your Skin?

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Shaving Versus Waxing. Are You Making the Best Choice For Your Skin?

When dealing with hair in places you don’t want you have two choices, waxing or shaving. Let’s assume that just living with it isn’t really an option. Which do you choose? While both have their advantages, only one is the best choice for your skin. The better you treat your skin now, the more fabulous you will look as you get older.

What Waxing Means

When you get waxed you can either use hard wax or strip wax. If you want to get the most out of waxing and do the least harm to your body, you will always choose hard wax. Hard wax is less painful, more effective, and doesn’t harm your skin the say either shaving or strip wax does.

Any discussion of waxing from here on out is talking about using hard wax. Strip wax may you give some advantages over shaving, but hard wax is the only way to go if you are concerned about the long term care of your skin.

What Happens When You Shave

Shaving is easy and convenient. You grab a blade and some cream while you are in the bath or shower and rub a piece of metal across your body and hope it only cuts the hair. But, you know that sometimes you do get cut. Even when you do manage a safe shaving experience, you are still damaging your skin.

The reason you have to use shaving cream is to try and minimize the dehydration and irritation to the skin. Over time shaving causes skin to become scaly and tough.

Shaving doesn’t even do its main job very well. You don’t want the hair in the places you shave, but when you shave, you are only cutting the hair to the surface level of your skin. It will grow back. Often, shaving actually causes hair to grow more quickly and more thickly.

What Happens When You Wax

When you use hard wax to get rid of your hair, it is going to take a little bit of time. But, you don’t have to wax every day. Hard wax surrounds and envelops the hairs, without bonding to your skin. The wax is sitting on top of your skin, but it is not damaging it. Instead, wax works to soften and smooth your skin.

When the wax sets and is removed the hair isn’t just cut, it is pulled out by the root. After waxing your hair is slower to grow back, if it grows back at all. It also leaves the skin smooth, and unlike with shaving, there is no stubble.

Choose Your Skin

Waxing is the best choice for your skin. Shaving isn’t an effective way to eliminate hair. It actually makes things worse. For most, the only reason to choose shaving is because of how fast and easy it is. But, you have to shave regularly. When you wax you can go weeks or maybe even months without a treatment. When you add it all up, shaving doesn’t save you any time at all. Instead it just damages and ages your skin.

If you’ve never had a hard wax treatment, give it a try. It will change your life.

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  1. I always shaved, never liked anything else like waxing (painful) or depilatory creams (painful) or anything like that so I was actually pretty surprised that this delivers on what it promises. No hair for a long time, easy to use, and doesn’t hurt.

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