Why Hard Wax?

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When it comes to taking care of yourself, you have a lot of options. There are no shortage of oils, soaps, and lotions to make your skin smoother, firmer, and less vulnerable to the aging effects of the sun. But, when it comes to removing unwanted body hair, for most people there is only one choice. Hard wax is hands down the best way to get rid of unwanted or unsightly hair. While some salons try and get by using soft wax, also called strip wax, the pros always use hard wax.

Less Painful

Common sense tells you that waxing will be painful. You are ripping hairs out of the skin. Waxing in sensitive areas like the face and bikini line can be especially painful. But, the fact is hard wax is much more gentle on the skin. Waxing with hard wax is less painful.

Hard wax works differently than soft wax. Hard wax doesn’t bond to the skin. Instead it only bonds with the hair. It wraps around the hair and when the wax is properly removed it gently removes the hair from the skin by the root.

Because it doesn’t bond to the skin, it hurts less when it is removed. That’s not to say it’s painless, but you will notice a major difference in your discomfort between hard wax and soft wax.

Less Irritation

Another benefit of hard wax is that it produces less skin irritation. What does your skin look like after a session of strip wax? It is red and angry. This is because the strip wax bonds to your skin and when it is removed it is actually taking a thin layer of skin cells with it.

Many people don’t experience any skin irritation at all with hard wax. This is because instead of sticking to your skin, the hard wax is only sticking to the hair. While some redness may occur around the areas immediately around where the hair was removed, hard wax doesn’t redden the entire surface of your skin.

More Effective

Hard wax continues to be the number one choice of the best salons because it simply works better. What happens with a soft wax or strip wax is that the hair is ripped out. Because of the way the wax bonds, many times the hair is actually ripped in half, leaving the root of the hair below the surface of your skin. The hair grows back quickly, forcing you to come back more often for treatments.

Hard wax surrounds only the hair and gets the hair out by the root. The hair grows back much slower than with a typical wax. This means you don’t have to spend the time and money to get waxed as often when you use hard wax.

Why Some Salons Skip the Hard Wax

If hard wax is so much better, why doesn’t every salon use it? The basic reason is money. Hard wax is more expensive than other options. The more expensive supplies are the more it cuts into salon profits.

Hard wax also takes longer to setup and requires more expertise to use. Time is money as the saying goes. Some salons want to move customers in and out quickly to maximize the number of people they see in a day.

The next time you need a wax, make sure your salon is using hard wax. Once you try hard wax you will never go back.

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